Is your house freezing cold but pressing the heat button on your thermostat does nothing? While you could have a problem with your heat pump or furnace that requires a heating repair, it could just be time to replace your thermostat. Without your heat going out, how can you tell that you may need a new one? Kevin Robinson’s Heating & Cooling wants to help you avoid this chilly situation. Here are a few signs that you may need a thermostat.

  • Your heat won’t come on – Thermostats, especially programmable ones, are designed to make maintaining your home’s temperature easy. However, if your thermostat refuses to cooperate, it could mean trouble. Sometimes, this trouble can be due to a small malfunction or the need for a new battery. It could also mean you need to replace the entire thermostat.
  • The programming doesn’t work – Does your programmable thermostat keep resetting your schedule? If so, the device may have run its course. Call our heat repair experts to come by and check up on things. We’ll find the source of the problem or install a new thermostat if that’s what you need.
  • Shortened heating cycles – If it seems like the heat turns off before the warm air has had a chance to fully cycle through your home, check your thermostat. An older thermostat may not work as effectively, meaning that you aren’t maintaining your preferred temperature throughout your home. Our professional service technicians will help you resolve the problem.

Fortunately, replacing your thermostat is a relatively inexpensive fix. Don’t suffer with this inconvenience any longer than you have to. Instead of waiting until you’ve become a human icicle inside your own home, call Kevin Robinson’s Heating & Cooling for fast heating repair service this winter in the Lancaster and Kershaw areas. It’s our job to make sure you stay cozy during even the coldest weather!